About Us

Ray & Kathryn

We want to see people set free! For years we struggled with mindsets and belief systems that brought fear, shame, and blame. Jesus set us free to live a life of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Our hope is to equip others to live that way too! In everything we do, we want to equip people to live a lifestyle of freedom that is both practical and sustainable.

We both came to know Jesus in the same year. This was a huge turning point for our family! Though we had received Jesus’ forgiveness, we still struggled to deal with some of the lies, self protections, and wounds we had accumulated over the years. For us, freedom from those things wasn’t instantaneous. As we pursued our own healing, we realized that it was available to everyone!

Since then, we have gone after the truth of who God is, who He says we are, and the difference that makes in all of our lives. We are on a mission to help others know, believe, and live the truth of their identity in Christ. Freedom is available!

Ray and Kathryn have served as missionaries with Life Builders (a ministry of Cru), and as pastors of a missional community in Annapolis, Maryland. They are currently serving as pastoral counselors at the Transformation Center of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. They travel and minister upon invitation as well.

More than anything, they love spending time with their family. Their daughter, Rachel, and her husband, Josh, live in Redding. Rachel operates her own business, Rachel McKnew Aesthetics. Their son, Riley, is an honors student at a university in southern CA.

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